I thought post #5 would be my final post, but I guess I have to do one more! Who’d a thought it? (Interestingly enough, “Who’d a thought it” is apparently the name of a ghost town in Alabama.)

Since my previous post, I’ve completed my composition with the exception of editing. I’ve added an ending to Movement C, which concludes my piece. Movements A and B are the same, so I’ll just show C below. It’s too long to upload in one file, so I have it in two parts.

1st part

2nd part

My biggest challenge right now is definitely the practice trips. They take up a day in most weekends, leaving me with only one day to do my homework. I generally complete homework on one day and In-Depth on the other, and since the homework is more urgent, I have to sacrifice In-Depth working time. Even though this (the time I’m typing this) is a long weekend, I’ve decided to use that extra day to do my current events instead, in order to get it out of the way.

For my next steps, I’m going to take the tracks of each separate instrument and add them as audio tracks in Logic Pro X (the composing/editing software I mentioned at the beginning). I will then edit the tracks separately to accentuate dynamics. I’m not going to do very much; I’m just going to change a few bits here and there to make the piece sound more interesting. The final product should sound extremely similar to what I have now (very MIDI/Computer generated-y.)

For presentation, I’m going to take my mentor’s suggestion and present Movement C on stage as an audio file. The entire piece is too long to present it all, and Movement C is the most interesting part in my opinion. I’ve decided against getting actual musicians to play it because it would be extremely unrealistic. I mean, how am I supposed to get 3 flute players, 3 oboe players, 3 trumpet players, etc… who are good enough with their instruments and generous enough with their time to play it? Even if it were possible, I just couldn’t be bothered; it sounds like way more effort than it’s worth.

I only met with my mentor once since the last post. After discussing methods of presentation with him, we came to the conclusion mentioned in the previous paragraph. Other than that, there’s really not much more to say.

Now, I was all climactic with things like “this is my final In-Depth post ever” in my previous post. Well… Let’s just pretend I put those things here instead. I’ve said this five times before, and now I’ll say it a sixth and final time: expect progress!

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