I’m writing this within 10 minutes of publishing my 4th In-Depth post, and I’ve noticed something odd. It said my post was published tomorrow, at 1 or so in the morning. I edited the post to correct the time, but the problem still remains. Look at my other posts. One of them was apparently published at 10 at night (the latest I’ve ever stayed up  doing homework was 9:30 pm), and I’m almost certain it must have been published during my off-block due to the time discrepancy. So be warned: even though my computer clock says it’s 5:35 pm right now, WordPress or my website or whatever doesn’t seem to think so.

Anyone else having this problem?

Let me know in a comment!


  1. the website this is hosted on is in another timezone, so it’s automatically put a certain number of hours ahead of ours.

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