Keep in mind that this outline is a general idea, and that there will most likely be several changes made during the creation of the actual speech.

Edit: After a bit of inspiration, I’ve decided I might use a completely different plan instead. 


-Upbringing (Father nurtures curiosity, learning about physics at young age, science can be fun)

Early Buildup:

-MIT + Princeton (High level education, this will just be a brief mention)

-Los Alamos (Atomic bomb research, practical jokes (mention), this was the big leagues)

Late Buildup:

-Quantum Electrodynamics (complexity, brief description of what it is)

-Schwinger, Dyson, and Oppenheimer (Rivalry, debate, confusion, searching for solutions)

Climax + Falling action:

-Feynman Diagrams (Simple and elegant solution to complex problem, visualization, Feynman’s way of thinking)

-Lectures (straightforward way of speaking makes them approachable by non-scientists, shows passion for job [in the zone], maybe mention the fact that they’re quoted/referenced a lot even today)


-Challenger (O-ring experiment)

-Feynman’s last words (“I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”) or a general last word about everything.

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