Original telling sentence: The substitute teacher was strange.

The man (was it a man?) who stepped into our classroom gave the distinct impression that, no, he was not┬áMr. Morris. Placing one foot slowly and methodically in front of the next, the stranger strode across the classroom as if he’d worked there his entire life. Nearing the front of the classroom, the stranger suddenly came to a halt, his head whipping sideways to face the class. His dark, cold, empty eyes slowly scanned the room in a strikingly uniform manner before abruptly shutting them tight. All was still. An eerie silence permeated┬áthe room. A minute passed. The man stood there, a terracotta warrior buried for millennia by an ancient Chinese emperor. The students turned to each other, vainly hoping the other had an answer. Two minutes passed. The tension in the room held all the students in its firm grasp. Something was about to happen, it had to. Three minutes passed, and in an instant, the man’s eyes opened wide and he hollered: “Hi, everybody! I’m your new substitute! How’s everyone doing today?”

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